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Let’s start today to change tomorrow.


Together we will focus on the path forward, define and set your goals – devise a track to getting there – and manage every step forward with agreed disciplines to ensure accountability.

Career Path

A Tower of Stones
new beginnings

Have you had a few jobs after university and just beginning to think more seriously about  what might be your career path?

Are you unsure of what your calling is or what career would suit you?

I will be your partner and guide in exploring options based on your experience, interests, passions, skill set and values.

Together, we will create a targeted plan, with measurable goals, that will both motivate you and enable you to develop a career vision with confidence and purpose.

If desired, our work can include creating or refining your CV, cover letters and preparing you for interviews.

Package: £80 per hour.

Duration: 8–10 sessions

career development & Transitions

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your job? Do you believe that your skills could be used more productively, or more satisfyingly – either at your current job, in your specialist field - or by doing something completely different.

Maybe you’ve harboured a dream you’d like to act upon?

Whether you are returning to the work place from a period of absence or would like to make a career change; together we will explore your options focusing on your strengths and your experience and what makes you happy.  We will first establish an overall goal and set weekly targets to progress towards that end.

I am a firm believer that if you are happy at what you do, you will always be successful.

Package: £100 per hour

Duration: 8-10 sessions



Stone Tower

If you would like to be a more creative or inspired Manager and improve your effectiveness and/or impactfulness; or, if you have recently been promoted to a management position and feel you lack the tools to be successful in your new role, I can help you create the tools you need to motivate your staff, create loyalty and increase productivity.  

We will start by teaching some of the essential qualities a manager needs, like being a good listener, asking open-ended questions, collaborating with your team and using good judgement.

Package: £100 per hour

Duration: 8-10 hours


Are your team struggling to reach those goals? Have there been changes that are affecting their results?  Would you like to see more unity in the workflow?

We can customise a package that will assess self-confidence, communication, joint accountability and performance.  Working with together with your team we streamline their workday with tools that ensure greater unity and efficiency.

Package: £150 per hour 

Duration: 8-10 sessions.

Personal Growth

Stones of Meaning
Life Transitions

Do you have dreams you want to put into action? Are you currently going through a life transition; or would you like to make a change in your life?

Together we will examine what has been holding you back, maybe some old habits have been inhibiting you in some way?  We will take a look at lifestyle, relationships and routines. 

We will identify your strengths, cultivate these and make these a prominent part of your everyday so that you will have a daily reminder that actually you can and you will achieve your dreams. 

I will be your accountability partner so that together we can reach those long-term goals.

Package: £100 per hour

Duration: 8-10 sessions


Are you dealing with challenges in a relationship - a partner, spouse or friend? 

Are you finding it difficult to align with a colleague or superior at your work?

Would you like to have a more effective personal impact?

Improve your resilience, confidence and self-belief?

Does your work dominate your life and negatively affect your ability to form deep personal relationships?

Are you missing out on joy?

I can work with you to help you find the inner you.

Package £100

Duration 8-10 sessions

Are you ready for your tomorrow?

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